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recently I had to leave twitter entirely, and I have people who are making sure I wont go back. and honestly the 5-6 years I've spent of my life on social media has really given me insight into the sort of person I am.

the whole layout of twitter, the constant push to tweet out whatever thought enters your brain, constant reminders of who's following you, constant feed of your friends opinions- it forms this need to constantly talk and listen, which for some people is the worst thing they can do, especially paranoid and generally mentally unstable folk like me. I kept finding myself seeing my friends shout out their views and I would automatically agree just to not get on their bad side, because people would be thrown in the firing range constantly, and things can get violent pretty fast.

I'd find myself sitting there, reloading every minute, posting another benign opinion, seeing someone get yelled at, see some opinion I very much disagree with but pretend I agree-

everything is so loud on social media. any semblance of privacy or personal opinion is kicked out the door in favour of yelling and constantly ranting about things.

and so I'd leave, sick of it all, and find myself making a new account a couple weeks or a month later. the dopamine gets pumped back into your brain and the whole things starts over again. there's good parts to twitter, and they make you forget just how foul and claustrophobic it is 80% of the time. this time I have my partner, he says he'll keep an eye on me and make sure I wont go back.

so you're not alone if twitter stirs up your paranoia, and if you're having trouble with your mental wellbeing, I'd suggest turning your social media off and forcing yourself to spend time doing something else, literally anything. if you're someone who feels they need to be productive every day, try just laying around or watching a movie instead of sitting on twitter. this paragraphs for me mostly.

I want to be more involved in the community here. It genuinely feels like a last bastion in creative websites that aren't 100% impersonal/image boards, or yk, twitter. It felt good to write all that out even if it was rambly and doesn't make a whole lot of sense

tldr: twitter very bad for mental health, do something else with life and you'll (I'll) feel a lot more relaxed and healthy.


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